Gananoque Cremation Services

The choice of cremation is a personal one.  However, your preferences need to be handled with respect and care.  Our Caring for Cremation means simply that you can be assured that all of your wishes will be honoured with dignity and at a fair cost.

Our directors will explain carefully all of your options and their associated expenses.  You will decide how much you will spend.  Our Cremation Care extends far beyond your initial consultation.

What Cremation Care means to you is that fully licensed professionals will be attending to all details throughout the complete cremation process.  From the initial transfer from the place of death to the final return of the cremated remains to the family, our staff and associates attend to every detail.

Our unique association with Gananoque Cremation Services allows us input on policy and procedure as well as staffing at this new state of the art facility.  We oversee every aspect of the cremation process and our involvement in the Gananoque Cremation Services means we can guarantee the integrity of the cremation and the safe return of your loved ones cremated remains. 

The Owners of the Crematorium are:

Tompkins Funeral Home: David R. Tompkins

Barclay Funeral Home: Jim, Todd and Bill Barclay


Cremation Technician: Larry Scott