Original Tompkins Funeral Home


The Tompkins Family Funeral Home was erected in 1867, and is considered to be one of the oldest original funeral homes in Canada that is still in operation. The Tompkins family purchased the business in 1950. It has remained family owned and operated through two generations and is now into it's third. The main objective of the Tompkins Family Funeral Home is to provide a caring service at fair and affordable prices. This effort has been realized, as funeral costs have remained fairly constant in the Gananoque area for the past several years. In fact, last and this year, despite suppliers costs increasing, Tompkins Family Funeral Home itself did not have a price increase. The increasing support of the citizens of Gananoque and area enabled the Tompkins Family Funeral Home to pass these savings directly to the families we serve.


The Tompkins Family Funeral Home was established to provide such choices as:

  1. More formal Church services or quaint intimate Chapel Services.
  2. The option of choosing burial cremation.
  3. Friendly caring support staff always willing to listen.

Your Wishes Are Our Major Concern

So let us help you make caring choices

Tompkins Funeral Home - Pre-Construction 2002