Immediate Disposition Package

We at Tompkins Funeral Home are pleased to provide you with a detailed description of our prices. We are aware that every family has different and specific needs when it comes to the arranging for the funeral of a loved one.

Our basic immediate disposition funeral package represents the highest level of services that the Tompkins Funeral Home can offer to families who want something that is simple and inexpensive.

Our package includes:

  • 2 staff members to attend the place of death to assure the safe return of your loved one back to the funeral home
  • complete sanitary and hygienic cleansing of the body if requested by family
  • placement of remains into casket/container 
  • leak proof shroud 
  • identification of deceased by a family member 
  • transfer to the crematorium for cremation 
  • picking up cremated remains from crematorium 
  • all arranging and directing of cemetery personnel to assure the grave will be opened for interment purposes 
  • attendance by at least 1 licensed funeral director during graveside service 
  • handling and care of all memorial donations
  • up to 12 months of our Afterloss Care Program for all family members
  • unlimited supply of in-memoriam cards and/or prayer cards 
  • unlimited supply of death certificates
  • transfer of all floral arrangements to cemetery
  • family follow-up call 
  • and assistance with all C.P.P. and any other government related documents

Other Charges That May Be Incurred:

  • The casket/container or urn you select
  • Cemetery opening and closing
  • Cremation charges
  • Coroner's Cremation certificate
  • Newspaper notices
  • Out of town death registration
  • Minister/Organist fee
  • Applicable 13% HST

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For our traditional package, please visit our Traditional Funeral Package page.