Pre-Arranged Funerals

One of the most thoughtful ways to express love involves funeral planning before the need arises. The funeral planning program is a way to assure that complete funeral arrangements are made so your family won't have to make all those decisions. Today, more people are preplanning their funeral. You may also wish to demonstrate how much you care by making plans, also. These plans, with estate planning that includes a Will can reflect your own desired wishes regarding funeral arrangements and burial.

It's All Taken Care Of

There are many decisions related to a funeral and burial. They are part of a seemingly endless number of things that would need your attention by your family, but you can provide for them all today, by making your selections and using our preplanning program. Funeral Service falls into two general categories.

  • The Funeral Service
  • Funeral Merchandise

A Funeral Service Usually Includes:

  • Professional services
  • Transportation services
  • Embalming and other preparation
  • Facilities for visitation
  • The funeral ceremony
  • Funeral coach
  • Other services and associated items

Includes Funeral Merchandise:

  • Casket or urn
  • An outer burial container (or other selection)
  • Other merchandise and associated items

You may, of course, choose any or all of those items if it reflects your desired wishes. By discussing them with us here at Tompkins Funeral Home, you'll receive a complete explanation of selection and prices.

It's Just The Way I Want It

Once you've made your decisions, you tell us exactly what funeral services and merchandise you wish. We will help you put it in writing. Then there is no doubt about your expressed wishes. So, there will be no family disputes or involvement by other who may not know what you wanted. Your loved ones won't need to ask:

  • Did we spend too much or too little?
  • Is it what he or she wanted?
  • Did we forget anything?

** All these questions are eliminated because it is in writing **

Payment Plans To Suit Your Needs

Although the average funeral and burial costs much less than many people expect, surely a funeral will cost considerably more in the future! Who knows if inflation will rise more in the future than in the past? When one must live on a fixed income, any additional costs can be significant. Lock in the cost of your funeral today, at today's prices.

There are various payment methods available to fund your funeral plan. This is an important issue that we would be pleased to discuss with you at any time. You will have peace of mind knowing that your funeral doesn't have to be a financial burden to your family.

You could take up to 10 years to pay for your funeral. For your convenience, payments can be automatically withdrawn from your account on a monthly, bi-monthly, quarterly, or yearly basis. We have many different payment options to suit your individual situation.

For more information on prearrangement or preplanning options, please feel free to contact us to make an appointment.