The Last Peaceful Morning
Taken the morning that the construction began.

The Construction Begins
This is a photo of our Garages that were located to the east of the main building. This was the beginning of the construction process.

Demolition Complete
With the demolition of the garages completed. The digging crew were able to begin.

Excavation Complete
With the excavation complete, the contractors are ready to set the footings for the new chapel.

Laying the Footings

The Walls Are Going Up
With excavation completed and the footings in place. The walls can start to make the renovations take shape.

Walls are Completed
With the walls completed and the holes for the windows in place. We are ready to begin to close in the new chapel with the steel rafters.

The Roof is Going Up
The first step to completing the roof is putting up the steel rafters.

Roof On
With the roof on, the chapel can have the final steps implemented including the laying of the concrete base for the floor.

Chapel Taking Shape
The drywall, heating, and other interior projects came together quickly. Here they are working on the location of the cross in our chapel. You can also notice the temporary wall that is in place on the right side of the picture that is now covered by a moveable wall between a visitation room and the chapel.

Nearing Completion
Just waiting for the windows, doors and the stucco for the exterior.

Chapel Completed
With the stucco now on the chapel and the windows and doors in place the New Chapel is ready for use. All that remained was the paving.

With the chapel now open we can begin the final phase of our renovation... the front entranceway.

New Entrance Way
With the completion of the chapel, we were able to open that facility as our temporary front entranceway so that our contractors could begin the new entranceway.

To complete this process they needed to extend our frontway 6 feet to make room for the new lobby and consultation/family room.

Exterior Renovations Completed
After 6 months of construction, the exterior renovations are now completed.